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We are happy to announce that  the TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS for 2012:  $31, 145.00

On Behalf of the Edward Taylor Coombs Foundation we are honored to bestow upon the following student a scholarship in honor of our Son and brother Edward Coombs.

The ETC foundation was founded to not only continue the legacy of Edward Taylor Coombs but also to support visionary leaders of tomorrow who display exceptional promise today. A second goal of the Foundation is to work with high school students around the issues of “responsible decision making”, whether we are discussing safe and healthy peer relationships, appropriate usage of “social media”, as well as the consequences of drinking and driving, the ETC Foundation hopes to be on the front line of teenage and young adult education and empowerment

This has been a heartfelt experience for several families and our community.

We would like to thank the 15 students that made courageous efforts to complete and submit the ETC applications

Let us begin with our 12 students selected to receive Book Scholarships in the amount of $500.00

Merit Book Scholarships  $500.00  ($6,000.00)

Brenna Appleton

Nicole Beck

Frank Colantuono

Lindsey Day

Brooke Dimming

Jacqueline DiPietro

Meghan Doyle

Rachel Engelhardt

Tyler Gehlhaus

Corey Hackett

Ryan New

Tevin Kirby


Honorary Scholarships – 5k Walk/Run $2,000.00  ($4,000.00)

Jacqueline DiPietro

Connor Nagle


2nd Place    $2,500.00

Gabrielle Viscounte


ETC Foundation Scholars $5,000.00  ($10,000.00)

Caroline Hagen

Carey Johnson


Additionally, Danielle Hodges received a scholarship in February 2012, in the amount of $2,645.00, tuition for the National Youth Leadership Medical Forum.  She will be attending the program in June of this year in Philadelphia, PA.


Finally, a $5,000.0 Scholarship will also be awarded to an incoming freshman, who has committed to play NCAA Division I Lacrosse for Marist College and $1,000.00 scholarship to a graduating senior from the Rebel Elite Travel Lacrosse team.


TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS for 2012:  $31, 145.00

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