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Edward was born into the loving arms of Eric and Forrestine “Tina” Coombs on December 21,1991. His big sister Erin was two years of age when he arrived. The Coombs family settled into the Symphony homes community of Horsham, Pennsylvania.

As Edward began to climb the education ladder in Horsham it was very evident that he had outstanding academic, leadership and athletic talent. In addition to consistently making the Honor Roll at Hatboro-Horsham High School he was selected by his principal to participate in the very competitive National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) in Washington, DC. This six (6) day program offers students the opportunity to directly participate in and personally observe the legal process in action at courthouses, interact with faculty from renowned law schools and meet professionals from some of the nations top law firms. As a result of his outstanding performance in this program he received an internship at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. His academic and leadership development progressed in parallel with his interests in sports.

He ran track and played football, soccer and lacrosse. His on field play and team leadership displayed the characteristics of a potentially gifted athlete. Edward began to focus his skill set on the game of lacrosse as early as the 5th grade. His size, speed and strategic gifts were perfect for this particular sport. By his senior year in high school he had won “All State” honors and helped his team advance to the state tournament. He eventually was voted Most Valuable Player(MVP) for his team.

All of his academic, athletic and leadership prowess culminated in a scholarship to Marist College where he recently completed the 2010-2011 academic year.  But as talented as he was on the field and in the classroom his most enduring characteristic was his personality. Even as a young child he had a beautiful and welcoming smile and a deep sultry voice that captured everyone’s heart. He was the first friend to many of his buddies, the one who reached out easily and made them feel like he has known them all of their lives. Erin recalls that he was seen by many as a loyal friend that was funny, charismatic and one that gave life 120 percent.

He loved family and friend gatherings whether at Jack and Jill events, Thanksgiving dinners, birthday celebrations, visiting on Martha’s Vineyard or at the annual family Kwanzaa celebration. This loved and revered son of Horsham leaves us all in the “planting season” of his life. We were not given the opportunity to see the complete fulfillment of his maturing talents in the “harvest” season “of his life. But we thank God for the joy and pleasure that he has brought to each of us.

Edward leaves behind a cadre of family, including uncles, aunts, cousins and so many other relatives to surround Eric, Tina, Erin, THE BOYS and grandmothers Audrey Coombs and Frances Redd. Our collective challenge is to work diligently with Edward’s friends, neighbors, classmates, coaches, church leaders and others to dedicate ourselves in the days ahead to insure that the legacy and character of EDWARD TAYLOR COOMBS will become an everlasting footprint in the Greater Horsham community and beyond.