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Since its inception in the fall of 2011, the Edward Taylor Coombs Foundation has prided itself on “supporting the visionary leaders of tomorrow who display exceptional promise today” via scholarship awards.

For 2016, the ETC Foundation distributed a record-breaking $60,500 in total awards during the Foundation’s scholarship awards dinner, following the 5th annual golf outing on June 27.

ETC Foundation Executive Board Member and spokeswoman Erin Coombs attributed the upswing – from $45,000 in scholarships in 2015 – to finding a “rhythm.”

“We know what works,” Erin said. “We have a very solid support base. People know we’re not going anywhere.”

The Foundation is looking at ways it can expand its reach from the local suburban Philadelphia community where its roots were first planted.

Recently, the nonprofit organization began awarding scholarships to students beyond Hatboro-Horsham High School, Edward Coombs’ alma mater.

For 2016, the Foundation has awarded scholarships as follows:

ETC Foundation Scholars: $21,500 

  • Thomas Haas … $5,000
  •  Christine Ruffin … $3,500
  • Laura Hunter … $2,500
  • Connor Wilkinson … $1,500
  • Robert Galblein … $1,500
  • Emily Panetta … $2,500 Commonwealth Foundation Scholarship
  • Luke Gelhaus … $4,000 EC34 5K Scholarship in Memory of Jake Durkin
  • Connor Opalisky … $1,000 EC34  5K Scholarship in Memory of Jake Durkin

Strath Haven High School Scholarships: $16,000

  • Natalie Kent … $4,000
  • Alexander Maillet … $4,000
  • Maria Shiba … $3,000
  • Jake Ross … $3,000
  • David Moore … $1,000
  • Carl Lanholm … $1,000

Marist College Freshman Lacrosse Scholarship: $10,000

Girard College Scholarship: $6,000

  • Danielle Ibuaka … $2,000
  • Ismail Rivera-Sabir … $2,000 EC34 5K Scholarship in Memory of Xavier Coombs
  • India Watson … $1,000
  • Diana Saka … $1,000

COMTO: $2,000

  • Asia Kaiser … $2,000

Jack & Jill Montgomery County, PA: $4,000 

  • Malik Farr … $2,000
  • Tyler Lawson … $2,000

Montgomery County Links, Inc.: $1,000 

In addition to growing the Foundation’s base, Erin works to further its secondary goal of educating high school students around the issues of responsible decision-making, including safe and healthy peer relationships, appropriate use of social media, and the consequences of drinking and driving.

Guiding young people to make better decisions is one way the Foundation works to transform the tragedy of Edward Coombs’ death into a positive message.

“This is not a temporary situation,” his mother, Forrestine Coombs said of the impact, not only of her son’s passing, but other young people as well. “This is something that’s lasting.”


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